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A quick and powerful Android emulator for Windows

Genymotion is one of the best free Android emulators on the market. The software, which is both powerful and easy to use, will be of interest to the naturally curious, as well as for Android developers.

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  • Ben Pope

    by Ben Pope

    a genymotion review duh!. Best part was going to their website. Many laughs. Not compatible with windows xp / vista. Well more they won't help if there are problems using on those platforms. Then Not compatible with windows 10 either. Only thing missing to make it hilarious would be to specialize in only windows 3.1. Pros: android emulation

  • by Anonymous

    Pros: Fast - Cons: Painful installation, Unreliable. Incredibly infuriating to install, and hardly works. Upon successfully loading does not offer Play Store to install apps and will not run manually installed Play Store. Tutorials claim easy setup then have hours long setup and several downloads for recommended usage. Seems fast when you get in, though, certainly not worth the headache.

  • by Anonymous

    google play is necessary. google play is unfortunately a duty application today and without it is useless.

  • by Anonymous

    google play not working. It's ok, but you dont have the google play (the store) too download apps, and on web it dosnt detect the device, so useles for me since i wanted to play real racing 3 on computer.